20 inch DI Cartridge Replacement Filters

Product Model # WRNJ-20MB

2.5" x 20" Mixed Bed Resin Disposable Filter Cartridge

Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM
Exchange Capacity: 750 Grains
Pressure Drop: 1.85 PSI
Water Quality: 1 to 18 MEG OHMS

Filter Cartridge Components:

  • Pentek Cartridge Outer Shell (harder outside shell that can withstand higher differential pressure than standard DI filter cartridges)
  • Mixed Bed Resin- ResinTech-MBD-15
  • Ionic Form- H/OH
  • Percent Conversion- Hydrogen- 99%(Cation Resin) Hydroxide- 95%(Anion Resin)
  • Resin Screen Size- 20 to 40 mesh
Price Per Filter Cartridge: $89.00 plus tax and shipping

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