Give Your Crops the Nutrients They Need

Our team will install your greenhouse watering system in Tabernacle, Cherry Hill, Camden, NJ or the Tri-State area

A hydroponic watering system provides high-quality, sterile water to your crops. The complete sterilization process will help you grow safer crops. Water Resources of New Jersey installs hydroponic watering systems, equipped with skid-mounted water transfer pumps. If you own multiple facilities in the Tri-state area, you can take advantage of our Water Management Standardization service.

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A hydroponic watering system can benefit your crops

If you're growing herbs, fruits or vegetables, your watering system is crucial for your crops' growth. By using a custom hydroponic watering system, you can:

  • Increase your annual crop yields
  • Control the water's toxicity and pH balance
  • Lower the risk for diseases within your crops
A greenhouse watering system will provide your crops with sterile water for a safer product. Water Resources of New Jersey will install and maintain your new system in the Tri-state area. Make an appointment with us today by calling 609-268-7965.

Hydroponic Farms and Greenhouses:

Your Water Purification Management Specialist!

Do you want greater crop yields at a lower cost?

Do you want water purification systems that are consistently effective against a wide range of water issues?

Do you want a complete water management system that can easily be duplicated at other sites?

Do you want water purification systems that are 100% crop safe?

If You Answered Yes, You Need Water Resources of New Jersey!

Stop worrying about water toxicity problems, plant disease, pH issues and poor crop yields.

By utilizing our expertise, you’ll no longer have to worry about poor water quality or expend valuable resources correcting it. Contact us today and start seeing higher quality yields at lower production costs.

High quality feed water is a critical factor for consistent production and greater crop yields.

Here are just a few of the products and services that Water Resources of New Jersey can provide your company:

  • Design, Engineer, and Install Water Purification Systems
  • Water Chillers and Heat Exchangers for your ponds
  • Skid Mounted Water Transfer Pumps
  • Complete Sterilization with Chemicals, Ultraviolet Light or Ozone Treatment
  • Water Management Standardization enabling you to have the same water quality and nutrients at all of your facilities

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