Common Water Problems and Solutions

Water Resources of New Jersey offers you this list of common standard water problems and the recommended solutions.

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Problem: Low Iron (< 5 ppm)

Solution: Automatic Water Softener

Problem: High Iron (> 5 ppm)

Solution: "The Sanitizer Conditioner" or Automatic Water Softener w/Fine Mesh Resin

Problem: High Gross Alpha

Solution: Automatic Water Softener

Problem: Low Ph

Solution: Neutralizing Filter

Problem: Rust & Sediment

Solution: Whole House Filter

Problem: Bacteria

Solution: Ultraviolet Lamp (UV),Ultra-Filtration (UF), Ozone or Chlorination

Problem: Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Odor)

Solution: KDF - 85 Media Filter, Chemical Injection

Problem: Chlorine Removal

Solution: KDF - 55 & Acid Washed Activated Carbon

Problem: VOC Removal

Solution: Activated Carbon System

Problem: Mercury Removal

Solution: KDF - 55 System

Problem: High Water Usage / High Hardness & High Iron

Solution: Twin Alternating Metered Regenerated Water Softener

Problem: High Nitrate

Solution: Type II Anion Resin System

Problem: High Perchlorate

Solution: Ion Exchange Resin System, Activated Carbon

Problem: High Arsenic

Solution: Ion Exchange Resin System

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