WiFi Softener

Bringing You Water Softeners With Wi-Fi Technology

Now YOU Can Take Charge of Your Water!!!!!

ONE of the first WATER SOFTENER Volume Regenerated  CONTROL VALVE that features WIFI and BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY

INTRODUCING FLECK SERIES 5800 XTRi Control Valve/Water Softener Assemblies

This Smart Phone connected Control Valve can be retro-fitted onto any existing Water Softener. The Control Valve allows complete control of the Operation of your Water Softener at your fingertips.

Upgrade Water Softener Packages and Complete Whole House Water Softeners are available . Please call for pricing.

Coming back from vacation or having a large party, with just a touch of your phone you can start a regeneration cycle, check how many soften gallons of water you have before a regeneration cycle or find out the amount of salt you have left in your brine tank.

Give us a Call to Schedule a Free Home Visit for us the test your water and explain how the Smart Water Softener can be a benefit to you and your family.


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