Residential Water Softeners

Hard water can take a toll on your appliances and plumbing over time by causing mineral deposits to build up. A water softener from Water Resources of New Jersey can eliminate those minerals providing you with softer, brighter laundry, better tasting water, and sparkling clean dishes.

You'll notice the difference...and so will your friends and family.

Pricing including installation starts as low as $500. Please call for technical details and cost.

We sell, install, and service most major brands of water softeners. including:

  • Pentair
  • Clack
  • Fleck
  • Canature
  • Watts Water
  • Charger Water

Our water softeners can be configured to meet any application including:

  • Single softener
  • Twin or triplex softener
  • Twin alternating softener

All water softeners are equipped with the following hardware:

  • By-pass valve
  • Brine tank with safety float

Residential Tank Sizes:

  • 7" X 35"
  • 8" X 40"
  • 8" X 44"
  • 9" X 48"
  • 10" X 54"
  • 12" X 52"

We carry time clock and volume regenerated automatic water softeners.

You could be enjoying softer, cleaner laundry, better tasting water, all while increasing the life of your appliances and plumbing.

Why wait? We have the right water softener for you!

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