Restaurant Water Treatment

Give your customers delicious, crystal clear water and ice, sparkling dishes, and shining flatware.

Say good-bye to:

  • Mineral coated dinnerware, silverware and coffee pots
  • Spotty glasses
  • Poor tasting and foul smelling table water
You may have thought that poor water quality was something you had to live with or perhaps you've just gotten used to it, but your customers will notice.

It's time to call Water Resources of New Jersey! We specialize in helping restaurants like yours that are experiencing water quality problems.

Among the benefits of a Water Resources of New Jersey treatment system:

  • Improved taste and smell of water and ice
  • Prolonged service life for water using equipment
  • Drastically reduce scale and rust build up in coffee and cappuccino makers and ice machines.
  • Reduced expenses for ingredients used in coffee, tea, soft drinks and specialty drinks
  • Sparkling clean place settings
We'll test your water and identify the cause(s) water quality problems. Once identified we'll install a system that will remove water impurities such as chlorine, sediment and iron. You and your customer will be able to say good-bye to unpleasant odors, overpowering after-tastes and dingy looking flatware, dishes and glasses.

Call 609.268.7965 today to learn about our innovative, water treatment systems which will enable you to

  • Produce "PERFECT ICE" with your current equipment
  • Provide your customers "Bottled Water" quality table water for less than 3 cents a gallon
We offer pre-packaged water treatment units designed to alleviate issues associated with poor quality water.

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