Drinking Water Systems

Bottled Water consumption hit an all time high of 39.3 gallons per capita in 2016.
45% of bottled water is repackaged tap water.

There are many damaging issues when it comes to bottled water. If you want to help protect our environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles, we offer you green choices that put you in total control of your drinking water. Now you can use the same drinking water purification systems in your home that major beverage companies use to produce purified bottled water.

Smaller reverse osmosis (RO) systems produce water of the same quality as these large beverage companies. Not only will you save money, but your drinking water won't sit in plastic bottles for extended periods of time.

Other benefits are:

  • No risk from chemicals used in plastic bottles.
  • No more carrying cases of bottle water from the store to the house.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.

Filtration Units

By offering our customers four filtration levels, we have the right solution for your needs, based on the quality of the water and the contaminants or minerals that need to be removed. Our product inventory includes the following manufacturers.

  • Watts Water
  • Pentair
  • Charger Water
  • Puromax
  • Hydrotech

Particle Filtration

Particle Filtration

Particle removal range from 1000 microns to 1 micron

We carry single (carbon filter), dual (sediment, carbon), and triple (sediment, carbon, carbon block) stage treatment units. We stock proprietary quick-change filters and standard filters. Prices start as low as $100.

Micro Filtration

Particle removal range from 5 micron to .1 micron

Single, Dual and Triple stage treatment units are available. Quick-Change or standard filters are available.

Ultra Filtration (UF)

Particle removal range from 0.1 to 0.01 microns

The UF technology comes in three stage treatment units. Each unit comes with its own faucet and the filters are manifold mounted. Quick-change or standard filters are available.

Standard UF unit set-up
Stage 1- Sediment
Stage 2- Activated Carbon
Stage 3- UF Membrane

Pricing starts as low as $200.

Reverse Osmosis(RO)

Particle removal range from .001 micron to 0.001 microns

RO units with four, five or six treatment stages are available. These units can produce from 24 gallons per day (GPD) up to 100 GPD. All RO units are provided with a storage tank and faucet. Quick-Change or standard filters are available.

Standard 5-stage RO unit set-up

Stage 1-Sediment
Stage 2-Activated Carbon
Stage 3-Activated Carbon Block
Stage 4- 50 GPD membrane
Stage 5- post Coconut Activated Carbon
RO pricing starts as low as $250.

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