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Regarding the removal and treatment of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFOA & PFOS) from drinking water, there are a few treatment media’s and technologies that have been field tested and approved by the FDA. They include Activated Carbon Media, Anion Ion Exchange Resin, Reverse Osmosis and Oxidation. Based on testing, the most economical and effective treatment media’s are Activated Carbon Media followed by Anion Ion Exchange Resin. The most effective treatment technology is using the Reverse OsmosisTechnology. Any of these treatments will reduce the PFOA & PFOS levels by 90%. We found the best Activated Carbon media for the removal of Perfluorinated compounds is Calgon F-400. For Anion Ion Exchange Resin, we found that Resin Tech SIR-110 HP works very well. We carry a complete line of Whole House Automatic Perfluorinated Removal Filters along with a line of PFOA & PFOS under the counter Filter Cartridges. Please contact us and we can put together a custom Treatment System designed to solve your most complex water issues.

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Water Resources of New Jersey

Water Resources of New Jersey

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